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We recommend that customers, clients, sound contractors,

and musical instrument retailers seek out the PASTEG membership

logo when requiring pro-audio repair services.

The Pro-Audio Service Technician and Engineers Support Group (Aka: PASTEG) is a professional and elite fraternal organization established for the direct benefit of electronics service technicians and electronics engineers working in the professional audio service sector. Membership is based on the evaluation of the applicant's credentials --which include: Experience, business legitimacy, good industry standing, willingness to contribute help, and other factors. PASTEG strives to continuously help its members expand their professionalism by elevating business and technical skills at ones own pace.

One (of many) powerful benefits this group's membership offers is core help from peer members who specialize in the service and repair of equipment used in the entertainment and audio communications industry. Typical equipment serviced could include but not necessarily be limited to: Electronic keyboards/synthesizers, musical instrument amplifiers, broadcast/recording studio equipment, mixing consoles, power amplifiers, live sound reinforcement equipment, and many other peripheral equipment related to this business sector. Many PASTEG members themselves possess “Authorized Warranty Service Center” (AWSC) status from a variety of manufacturers. Several of PASTEG's business goals is to refine optimum service techniques, establish vendor relationships, and establish a firm foothold into this industry. Since seasoned and experienced electronics service technician's will eventually retire, and the skill is fast becoming a lost art; a new generation must be trained to perform these needed and specialized services. PASTEG is proud to note that several of our members would be considered “Leaders” within the industry.

PASTEG also supports smaller non-mainstream manufacturers develop products, share ideas, provide engineering knowledge, and establish market connections to help introduce their designs into the world market. Unfortunately at this time, mainstream manufacturers are not permitted to join PASTEG; however, arrangements to build and improve upon relationships between PASTEG and manufacturers service departments are not only welcome, but encouraged in order to build positive teamwork --from manufacturer, to service personnel, to customer --trading resources that benefit all parties.

PASTEG recommend clients and end users pro-audio products use the PASTEG network for service work to help ensure quality and knowledge of workmanship. Because of PASTEG's powerful resources --known defect issues, parts procurement, and a plethora of other burdens placed against technicians in the past are now fast-tracked and quickly resolved --directly benefiting a paying client. Owners or pro-audio equipment needing service should feel free to email us for a technician referral in your area – worldwide: pasteg@sbcglobal.net

If you yourself are involved in this industry, and feel you fit the PASTEG member profile, please continue on to register for membership, or email any questions. We thank you for visiting.

PASTEG Administration

If you would like to join and you think you qualify click Register then scroll down and click I agree to these terms and complete the registration form.